Luke, your going to be a big brother in two weeks or less and I think your ready. I am so excited for you to step into this new role but I am also doing my very best to soak up all the one on one time I get with you because what we got going on right this minute, is pretty great. Here are some things about you right now.

You are opinionated and not afraid to let people know what you want!

You love playing with your dirt bikes, quads and pretending they are looking for moose.

You like to pretend you are the baby bear and me and dad are bears too. You will randomly say "I love you momma bear" in the sweetest voice that makes me forget about any disagreements we may have been in, earlier that day.

You make dirt bike tracks out of books.

Your independence continues to grow but you still love it best when me and dad play with you.

You like to stick your pointer fingers in any mud patch you come across.

You like looking for toads around the yard. You have found a few and always keep your distance, your fascinated by them but at the same time a little scared of them too.

You prefer to be outside.

Your communication skills improve daily.

You can count to 13.

You can sing Ba Ba Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and almost know all of Oh Canada too.

You change everyday and your dad and I are doing our best to keep up with each new phase you step into but don't slow down for us.

I love you to the mood and back,
Your mom.