Your an amazing big brother you have stepped into this role without a falter.

You like to hide things under things example, balls under the couch.

Your not that great at eating dinner right now, we currently have to feed you on the floor and pretend your a bear or let you run around the house between bites.

You call knives sharp, "I have sharp?" you ask.

I love how your fair cheeks get super rosy in the crisp winter air.

"I do it!" is one of your favourite phrases right now, you are growing in independence.

Your dad and I love how excited you are about Christmas, your bringing back the magic for us!

I love the way you always require hugs with your kisses and vice versa.

You love your fuzzy winter pjs which is good because we have been having lots of pj days lately.

You love books and can memorize one in about two weeks. One of your current favourite books is the Darkest Dark.

You had your first hair cut this month.

You and I are still enjoying some one on one time while Lizzy naps and I have to say I am so grateful for those moments.

Love you to the moon and back