I hope you enjoyed your Christmas with your favourite people in warm homes around tables filled with good food. As I get older Christmas continues to be more meaningful as I grow in my faith and grow our family. This year will especially be a year to remember as we had Elizabeth christened. I wish every Christmas was on Sunday. Having a baby so close to Christmas really makes it easy to picture how Christ came to our world. It also reminds us that Christ is still present in our world through each child that is born.

This Christmas some of my loved ones were going through challenging times and this year it was more apparent to me than ever before how difficult the holiday season can be for some people. I hope to be more mindful of these situations going into the holidays next year and proactively try to provide some extra love into the lives of those in need.

I may currently be riding a Christmas high but I would like to begin working on some homemade Christmas gifts beginning in January, for next Christmas. I love giving gifts but I really struggle buying gifts sometimes as I sometimes wish the items had more meaning. So I have started to pin ideas and hope to get to work on my items soon. If I move ahead with this successfully I will definitely be sharing my journey as a "Christmas elf" on my socials.

All in all we had a blessed Christmas and I hope you did too. Please share any of your highlights or takeaways from your holidays in the comments below, I love hearing from you!

Merry Christmas
Love the Lapiers
PS at the very bottom of this post is a little video from Christmas eve and day.