God's Movement

I have been working on having one true day of rest each week. There is always things to work on like cooking meals and such but when both kids are napping and I do have a few spare moments to myself on my rest day, I try to simply be still. This is actually very challenging for me but when I do honour this rest time, amazing things happen.

This past Sunday both kids did have naps that overlapped and while they slept, I laid on the back porch in the sun for 30 minutes. When I first sat down I considered grabbing my phone and doing a few things but resisted and instead just starred up at the big pine tree in our backyard and the amazing blue sky. Every few minutes the wind would pick up and move through the trees. As I started to relax and thank God for the moment, He talked to me. God spoke to me through the movement in the tree.

We can never see the wind until it moves through something.

We can never see God himself on earth until The Holy Spirit moves and works in us and the people around us.

I have been facing somethings in my life lately that scare me a little and I kind of forgot that with God I can truly do anything. He is within me and it is not by my own strength that I can overcome my giants but by His strength moving in me. But I need to allow The Holy Spirit to move through me. I need to be willing to do what God is calling me to do, even when I am afraid. I alway reason what I am actually capable of and forget that God can accomplish amazing things in ways I can not even imagine.

I am so grateful for this lesson I received from simply resting. God commanded a day of rest for a reason and He has really been nudging me to acknowledge it properly lately. I need to rest so I can make space and understand how God is working on moving in my life.