Luke, your sister likes to eat a lot so some days I don't feel as close to you as I am use to but I want you to know my love for you only changes in the amount that it grows. Because you have a sister I have been able to see some different sides of you that only make me love you more. You didn't get less of my heart when your sister was born, my momma heart just grew, making more room for more love. As you both grow, my heart will grow more because each day I get with you, allows me to love you more. You are amazing and unique and I am so proud to be your mother.

You started dance class last month, you were nervous to go in alone at first but you get more brave every week.

Seeing you with other children that are a little older than you, reminded me how little you still are. Your so big with your words and personality sometimes I forget your still such a little guy, this realization made me glad.

You say "Oh my goodness", with awesome expression!

You love to watch quads drive through and get stuck in the mud on YouTube.

You love to play with your quads and pretend to hunt for bears, moose and deer.

If we don't mention Lizzy during grace in our list of things we are thankful for, you always remind us not to forget her.

You are obsessed with Paw Patrol.

You currently wake up around 5am everyday.

I can be a little serious sometimes but you always remind me to chill out, laugh and have fun!

your mom