I am getting to know you a little better now, some days I think I have you figured out but not everyday.

We call you Lizzy girl and you're our special little lady.

You are so smart!

You love to watch TV.

You are trying to roll over.

You turn your head to the left when I lay you in bed for a nap or sleep, that's how I know you're down for a good rest.

Your tongue is always poking out.

You are always chewing on your hands and fingers.

You are growing so fast, today we put you in your high chair, big girl.

You rarely wear outfits, mostly pj onesies.

You love your brother so much, your face lights up when you see him.

You love to snuggle, you still sleep on me for 50% of your naps and I love it more everyday.

When you are sitting in your bouncy chair your legs are always kicking.

You like to talk.

You are very interested in food and I am excited to start giving you solids.

It is an amazing responsibility to be your mother and figure you out.

Love mom, proofread by dad.