Letter To God From A Soon To Be Mom

Letter To God From A Soon To Be Mom

Dear God,

First, I would like to thank you for blessing my husband and I with a child and for giving me a husband who loves me and cares for me so well.  I know this new blessing will fill our lives with so much love.  Through the first trimester I was feeling great but lately I have felt as if my emotions and thoughts are out of my control.

I am about 4 months pregnant and I am having a lot of anxiety and worry about this big life change.  Some of the worry's,  I know are silly, but I can not stop them from popping into my head and then filling me with negative emotions.  I am sure as a mother there will always be things for me to worry about and I do not want to be this mother, weighed down by worry.

So I have decided, before our baby is even born, I will give all of this worry and anxiety to you.  I give my life to you once more and I  put our child's life in your hands as well.  I know that ultimitley you have a plan for me and my family and as difficult as it is for me to give you control, I know you are better at running my life than I am.  I make mistakes everyday and I will never be perfect but I know with you by my side I will grow, I will be happier and I will have the strength to find peace in difficult situations.  I will find the strength to be a loving example of what your love looks like, lived through people here on earth and maybe because of my trust in you, some of the people that cross my path will learn to trust you as well.

Forgive me for not trusting you every time I have said I will in the past, my own will to solve problems comes between us and I do not want to do that anymore.  Allow me to trust that you will guide me where I need to be, to assist you in making changes in my mind, heart and life.

God, thank you for paying the price of my sin before it happened, thank you for loving me now and thank you for always living in my heart, even when I feel as though you are far.  You are an amazing, compassionate and loving Father and I want to live my life doing your will and experiencing all the joy you have planned for me in this lifetime.

Sincerely, A Mom To Be