Wedding Vows

I have been married for 8 years and pray for many many more ahead. In the last four years, I have been learning so much about what a healthy marriage looks like and what it is to be a good wife. I have been seeking council in the Bible and from women of faith whom I admire and trust. What I am learning through this journey of love, is that my wedding vows hold so much more weight than I gave them credit for on my wedding day.

I am so grateful for the collaboration with Sincerely Silver Co. and the opportunity to create a custom bar necklace with them. Because I have been focusing on my marriage I chose a custom roman numerals bar necklace with our wedding date on it. Wearing this necklace helps me keep my wedding vows at front of mind in challenging times. It’s a great reminder of the promises Tyler and I made to each other.

You can create your own custom necklace here

I am currently working on a marriage faith series for my YouTube channel not because I am an expert on marriage but because I feel God calling me to share some stories and bring us together on the topic of marriage and all its imperfections. Love is perfect, we are not.

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