May Editors Note

Slingshot into fearlessness.

I have been pondering fear a lot lately. What if I wasn’t afraid? The thing is, I am afraid at times.

As I try to push through my fear and consider what would happen if I was not afraid, this visual came to mind.

A slingshot. I am the rock in the slingshot and fear is pulling me backwards stretching out the rubber band I rest in, when I let go of the fear, the exact thing that was pulling me back, in opposition, will trust me forward with amazing speed and force.

I always want to honour God in everything I do. There is a difference between reckless living and living free of fear I believe.

I am letting go of those forces that pull me back though, more and more each day and I can see how God uses even our fears to propel us into freedom, victory and success.

I pray this month is filled with lots of moments where we let go of the things that hold us back and allow that amazing force of action, to propel us further in to the walk we were designed for by our creator.