I Am Set Free

I want to live completely set free, like no holding back, no worrying about what people think of my choices just trusting God and following the path He designed just for me. I have been thinking about this concept so much this week. I am definitely getting better at this the more I learn to walk it out, but I know I am still holding back a little. Holding back a little hope, a little boldness, a little faith, a little love, a little bit of my dreams. As I work at tearing through the fear that holds me back, allowing myself to truly live set free, I wonder why I have allowed these fears to have a place in front of me. I am set free, Jesus died on the cross to set me free, I accepted His amazing gift of salvation and so I am a daughter of the King, a daughter living free. He did this for me so in all of my imperfection, I can still do the work He designed me to do. Knowing full well, my walk would be imperfect but His plan was perfect and holds extreme purpose.

Please don’t confuse the word purpose for status and financial value either my friends. I don’t want to get tripped up by that either. For I have learned great purpose lies in the mundane of everyday life. But this worldly view of purpose could even be a brick in the wall that sometimes holds me back.

It may sound dramatic but being sick last summer made my inevitable mortality more tangible but in this realization I have been blessed. Knowing that my time here will run out has made me more bold, or at least I am going to harness that fear and ride it like the wild bull that it is, right into the wall of fears that holds me back from stepping fully into my purpose.

As I head into Easter and remember Jesus on the cross and try to fathom what He had to overcome to follow the path the Father laid out before Him, I am inspired to pick up my cross, walk it out and lay down my fears and the things that hold me back, at the feet of God.

Matthew 6:10 Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven

Happy Easter