Thrifting Tips

I love thrift shopping, it is the thrill of the hunt for me. I love finding a gem, maybe something kind of new at a great price or something from another time with an amazing history that I now get to be a part of. Here is how I approach thrifting and I have to say, 80% of the time, I am pretty successful.

  1. Give yourself time to browse. It is hard to thrift shop on a schedule because you often need to dig through all of the sections and also be willing to try things on.

  2. Bring coffee and eat before you shop. I always find I make better shopping choices when I am properly fed and caffeinated, this prevents me from making choices I will regret later.

  3. Have an idea of what you want to find but not a specific list. If your looking for summer dresses, spend most of your time focused in the dress section of the thrift store and trying dresses on but be open to checking out other sections too as they may not be stocked with what your specifically looking for at that time.

  4. Don’t limit yourself to searching in your specific size section. Thrift stores are stocked with so many brands and we all know that different brands fit our bodies differently so I always shop three sizes, my actual size, one below that size and one above that size. This opens so many options for me. With certain clothing items we can also get away with a baggier fit, like a dress that could be belted to fit better, adjustable straps and sweaters that look chic a little slouchy.

  5. Don’t forget about the mens section. I always love to hunt for t-shirts, dress shirts and even denim in the mens section, stealing from the boys is a really fun way to play with fashion.


The outfit pictured here was shopped from Plato’s Closet in London Ontario. This jumpsuit had the original Forever 21 tags on it and was a regular value of $39.00 and I got it for $9. I have had great success finding amazing current fashions at Plato’s Closet in London for a discounted price. My favourite Goodwill to shop in Sarnia is the location on Michigan Ave. I found great clothes for myself and the kids and also some great toys for the kids. I would love to know where you like to thrift shop, comment below.

Photo Credit L.B. Imagery

Happy thrifting