Commit Your Work To The Lord

Commit Your Work To The Lord

Commit your work to the Lord Proverbs 16:3

I want to be sure that my goals, to do lists even the desires of my heart, align with Gods will for my life. I want to commit my work to the Lord. I have been giving a lot of thought as to how I can do this better and here are a few things I am working on. It’s always a work in progress, with God as my helper.

Put God first! I do my best, to start my day alone and quiet with God. I do some Bible Study, read a verse, listen to a sermon and pray. I am good at the absorbing information portion of this but I need to get better at praying. I need to get better at just talking to God and pouring my heart out to Him. When I am still at His feet, I can hear from Him so clearly and it is amazing!

Pray don’t slay. On that note, I also need to get better at talking to God about my goals before making plans to go after them. Too many times I have had to back track because I went ahead with something without the blessing of God. On the other side of that, I have experienced the extreme blessing of doing things Gods way. I can sometimes feel like I need to do more, or get to a certain position faster (slay) but I just want to pray through it all and trust Gods perfect timing.

Give the glory to God. After accomplishing a goal, it can be easy for me to accept the praise but I need to remember that all of my successes are are blessings from my Heavenly Father. He takes the little time I have to work and does amazing things with my efforts.

My work committed to the Lord, will be more than I could ever imagine. I write this post mostly for myself, to reread when I am in a season of waiting, a season of continuing to do the daily good work with little visible reward to remind myself that all good works, committed to the Lord with a humble heart with produce a well established path!