Weekend Wardrobe

What’s your weekend wardrobe? Mine varies but often during the days on the weekend, I want to be comfortable and cozy. I still like to look put together when I am around the house on the weekends just in case I need to pop out quick and I like to look cute for Tyler too. I also do not like changing my clothes throughout the day. I prefer to get ready for the day in the morning and then am ready for whatever comes my way. With all this being said, this outfit from Ikko & Harmony is my perfect weekend wardrobe! 



These High Waisted Jooggers are comfortable, functional and quality. The fabric is sturdy so I think these joggers are totally acceptable to be worn out and about. Shop them on the Ikko and Harmony website here.  



What I think makes the outfit special is the cropped, off the shoulder thermal top. This outfit is chill and casual but still reflects my personal style. I feel a monochromatic look often elevates leisure wear but makes it look effortless.



And if I do need to run out in my casual clothing I always like to dress it up with one of my more fancy and fun coats.  

You can shop the joggers and top from the Ikko & Harmony website or in store at Ikko & Harmony 4182 Petrolia Line.

Happy weekend and stay cozy.