5 Things You May Not Know About Me


My Name

Because of my Instagram handle there has been a little confusion about my name. Heather Audrey Lapier. I LOVE my middle name, I always have, Audrey is after my mother’s Grandmother. So HAL is my initials and kinda the over arching title for my brand, Audrey’s Upper Story is my blog name Audrey is my alter ego, she is the thoughts in my head, she isn’t afraid of anything and she writes all my blog posts. And heatheraudreyl was what I went with when I started my Instagram years ago with little consideration to my brand. If I changed it I would probably try to switch it HAL but I am afraid to mess with my profile. Comment with advice below if you know anything about doing this.


There was a time in my selfish teen years when I was persistent about the fact that I would never have children. Lucky for me God knew my heart better than I did.  

When I Grew Up

I performed in musical theatre for most of my childhood with the hopes of becoming an actress. After a year living in Toronto post high school and working many jobs with little time for auditions I moved home feeling crushed and lost. There are so many stories that I will share from these years but I am grateful for my journey, the ability to have evolving dreams and even though my path was not what I planned, it was littlerly the perfect path for me because I pull from all of my experiences for the work I walk through today.

Salty & Sweet

I love food, with a true passion for chips and treats. My favourite junk food is Nacho Cheese Doritos.


I auditioned for Canadian idol. I didn’t make it past the first round but I would never trade the experience for anything. My friends Meg and Ryan and I camped out in line overnight, the day after our prom, to have our chance at singing for the judges. God bless our parents for never squashing our dreams and always giving us the opportunity to chase them. 

Please share something special about yourself below. And always feel free to ask me any questions.