Our First Camping Trip As A Family Of Four


Last week we went camping at the Pinery Provincial Park for the first time as a family of four. My personal experiences camping have been a bit rocky but we knew the kids would love it. We camped for two nights in the Dunes, this spot was beautiful and our site was only a 5 minute walk from the beach which was perfect because it was a hot week in Southwestern Ontario. Tyler and I approached this trip with the mindset that it is a lot of work to go camping as a young family, its gonna be dirty and hot but if we can laugh together through the craziness of it all, we will make some awesome family memories. Basically, we were channelling Clark Griswold and his enthusiasm for making everything family event, the best one ever.

The campsite got set up, the kids quickly lost all of their clothes and the naked run arounds, digging in the dirt and playing in the water began. We went canoeing and Lizzy informed us she did not like it once we got out of the canoe which is an improvement from our last canoe trip because she just cried through that one. The kids made fun out of nothing and Tyler and I watched them play together. One of my favourite things about family getaways in this current season for our family, is to see the bond between Luke and Elizabeth grow. They have time just the two of them to figure out their relationship and have fun together, so cool and makes my momma heart burst. Our second night camping it rained but our tent held up and we didn’t get wet while we slept. Side note, Tyler brings ear plugs with us on most trips because Luke and I both snore. I slept with them in too both nights and ear plugs are a game changer, if you have trouble sleeping away from home they may help you. Anyways, as we packed up our wet and dirty campsite, we became full aware of the amount of work camping is. I think I would love to try camping again in the Fall, when the evenings are more cozy around the bonfire so we are considering that for September. Our camping adventures are just beginning, we think camping is kinda crazy but we are kinda crazy so, you know.

What are your camping memories, experiences, suggestions and tips? Tell me everything!

Does your family camp?

Did you grow up camping?

Where do you like to camp?

Do you camp in a tent or trailer?

Check out the vlog of our trip here