Lizzy Lately

I wrote these posts regularly for Luke (Luke Lately) but things are always changing and that means it will always be different for Lizzy than it was for Luke. There are some things right now though that Tyler and I discuss, that we just love about our Lizzy girl right now, here they are. 

The way she says some words incorrectly but it’s just so darn cute we don’t want to correct her.

For example Joseph is Jophes  

She LOVES TV especially Paw Patrol

She gives her dad a hard time and makes him work hard for her love. 

She snuggles me all the time. 

She is thoughtful when it comes to her brother and is always excited to spend time with him when he gets home from school. 

She wipes off kisses. 

She is my little buddy/helper running errands with me so well.

When she is sitting on her little foam chair and is waiting on something she taps her toes in this big person way. 

Her favourite place is the barn at the animal farm where she likes to let the guinae pigs nibble on her fingers. 

She is sweet and firery, the most perfect storm of everything. I love her and am sure I will always be learning how to parent her, be her friend and love her wild heart! 

We love you Lizzy girl!