March Break 2019 Ski Trip

Its Thursday evening around 5pm and I am laying in bed beside Luke while he sleeps and Lizzy sleeps in her bed. My poor nephew had a bad cold during our trip (he still trooped it up and got out for some skiing) and now we have come home with it. Also, travelling always messes with our schedules, oh well the adventures are worth it.

Yesterday we got home from Schuss Mountain, Shanty Creek Resorts in Michigan. It was the first time skiing for all the kids that were with us (Luke and Blaine 4 and Marley 8). Tyler, his brotherJoel and Parents have skied for years, their family did ski trips with other families when the boys were young. Years ago Tyler tried to teach me to ski, it was unsuccessful and I didn’t think I would ever try again. After watching the three kids give this winter sport their best shot and love it, I was motivated to try again. I didn’t want to watch from the sidelines I wanted to be out their experiencing the adventure with them and to my surprise, I loved it.

I think the gold medal for the trip goes to my niece. Her natural athleticism shone through as she quickly became confident skiing all the runs on the hill, even a black diamond. She was so eager to soak up every ounce of the trip that she didn’t even wait for someone from our group to ski with her. She made friends with some girls her age and skied with them and even did a few solo rides on the chair lift, she blew everyone away. 

Luke follows in his dads footsteps having a need for speed. He was always wanting to go faster and even went down the bunny hill twice with no harness. On our final day of skiing he didn’t get off the mountain until the lifts closed at 7pm.

I am so proud of our kids for their adaptability during travel and willingness to try new things with an open mind, it truly inspired me this week. I am also proud of my husband and brother in law, two super awesome dads, who do so much for their kids, they know when to loosen the reigns and push their children to achieve new milestones, they do things differently than this momma and I am grateful for that! 

Schuss Mountain gave me my confidence on skies so for that I would say it’s a good hill for people trying the sport for the first time. I know my husband was challenged by a few runs but they were not super long. We stayed at the Slopeside Condos at Cedar River Village at Shanty Creek Resorts, one of three villages that surround the mountain. Our condo was lovely, clean and so convenient as we could ski out our back sliding door, something I would say is essential for a kids ski trip from now on. We had an opportunity to swim at all three pools on the property and the only negative thing I would say about the facilities is that the Schuss Lodge pool was a little  old and dingy, I wouldn’t swim there again. The other two were great.

Our hearts are full with amazing memories made on our family ski trip, now to plan our next adventure. 

What are you and your family planning?