Lizzy Lately

Dear Elizabeth,

I really love you the way you are right now, almost two is a super sweet stage. I have loved all the stages though, they all have something wonderful in them.

You are daring.

You love your family.

You love to jump on the trampoline but not while other kids are jumping, everyone needs to take turns.

You love to read books, you sit by yourself frequently and flip through your favourite stories.

Some things your currently saying are, "I do it." "Don't touch my lunch box." "I try it?"

I rock you before your nap and bedtime, lately its more of a chat session than a snuggle session.

You are an awesome singer, we love it when you sign us the Spider Man theme song.

You love animals. Aunt Emily's dog Wrigley is your best friend.

You are physically and verbally affectionate.

You are very impatient at times.

Sometimes you tell me "your awesome momma" which makes me want to be even more awesome for you.

You love to make coffee and supper in your play kitchen and you always tell me with such force, "sit on bum". It makes me think about how I serve our family, am I doing it as joyfully as I could? I want you to love whatever makes your heart soar but I wouldn't hate it if homemaking was on your heart. You inspire me to complete my work more joyfully and with more purpose. I am so grateful for you and what you bring to our lives. We always have your back, just keep doing you Lizzy Boo.

We love you sweet girl!

Mom & Dad