JustFab First Impression | Wedding Dress Shopping

JustFab First Impression | Wedding Dress Shopping

On Saturday I went wedding dress shopping with my sister Emily and the rest of her bridal crew. We had the most lovely girls day and we all got our dresses! Emily surprised everyone with her extreme decisiveness, we were so happy she found her perfect dress. I also took my new JustFab boots for a test drive. I was so impressed with the fit and style. The comfort level is something that I will have to adjust to but am willing to sacrifice once in awhile because of the look. I hope you guys will check out the vlog of our day and more of my thoughts on my boots. P.S. Luke gets ready with me in this video and I love that I have this memory on film. The past few days he has been doing his makeup while I do mine, we wash it off after but I love that he likes to play with the colours and brushes just like I do. We are both such creative souls.


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