Wearable Stories

This outfit is pretty special. I was just loving how it came together so I was sure to snap a pic but when I was looking at the pictures after I realized almost every item in this look has been given to me and each one has a cool story, at least they are special memories to me. 


The hat I am wearing is probably the most inspiring so I will share that story with you today. While I was at a Sarnia Sting game a few weeks ago, I received a message that I had won a handmade hat from a woman in attendance at the same game. I was tagged in a Facebook message and directed to go to her section to collect my prize. I was a little confused because I hadn’t entered any draws but I took the kids for a walk and we met Beth.

Beth works for St Francis Advocates and attends Sarnia Sting games with her clients. She loves to crochet and so she works on hats while at the games. She then gives her beautiful handmade hats away to Sting fans displaying excitement for their home team.


I was blown away that Beth does this out of the goodness of her heart to spread joy. It inspired me to give more thought as to what gifts and passions I have that I could possibly share with others. When I wear the hats Beth gifted to me, I swear I can feel her love! My dad gave me an angel pin for Christmas and it only seemed fitting to add that to my special hat, which I think was made by a special angel we have right here in Sarnia!

May your fashion be full of wonderful stories of passion and love that inspire you everyday.