Lake Life Glass Workshop

If you guys remember I shared that I purchased some Christmas gifts from Lake Life Studio that I was very excited about but couldn’t share at the time. Those gifts were gift cards for a glass workshop for my moms and sisters! I am so blessed to spend time with these ladies often but most of the time we are entertaining little people and the conversations are scattered. It is truly special time when I can be with the women I love most and focus on what they have to say without interruption.


So we headed to the most wonderful spot in Camlachie knowing we would be creating something with glass but what happened was magic. Justine started the workshop by showing us the basics of glass cutting tools and cutting glass. She explained the variety of glass materials available for us to use in our art and began sharing her passion for glass fusion. 


Some of the ladies had ideas about what they wanted to create, all I knew was that I wanted to create a window hanging. Then we set to work, scoring glass, cutting it, searching through bins of coloured glass for the perfect shades and shapes. It was exciting, it was relaxing and for me it was surprisingly freeing. I got low to the table as I picked through broken glass searching for unique pieces and then placing them on my glass canvas. I didn’t think about anything, I didn’t worry about anything, I was just able to create. As we all worked we agreed on how satisfying cutting glass was and we were all a little surprised about that. When our creations were complete I loved seeing how different everyone’s were and so representative of our individual personalities.


Justine was working along side us the whole time ensuring our works were coming out the way we wanted, suggesting glass material to achieve a certain look and encouraging us through the creative process. If you have ever been in Lake Life Studio and had the pleasure of meeting Justine you know how passionate she is about her craft and her shop.  


The workshop was a hit, we all have a new love for working with glass and we all agreed we need to go back to try this activity again. We finished our evening with dinner at Skeeter Barlows in Brights Grove. 


If you want to book a glass workshop for you and your friends visit the Lake Life Studio website to see availability.  

I want to do more activities this year, more experiences, do more creating! I am feeling so inspired! 


Whats a fun experience you have enjoyed recently?