A few months ago I was chatting with Christina about a collaboration with Lace and Charm and she provided me the honour to put together my thoughts and ideas for a spring collection. I started compiling my favourite images from Instagram and Pinterest and documenting the specific details that drew me to the items I had on my spring wardrobe shopping list.

The most important component to any clothing item is that it can service me in my daily life. My days normally look like this; get myself ready, get the kids up and dressed, cook, wash dishes, drive or walk to school, play at the park, run errands, meetings, play on the floor, sit at my computer, pick kids up from school, cook, put the kids to bed. I want clothes that make me look pulled together and allow me to express my personality while doing all of these things. I rarely change my outfit from morning drop off to a lunch meeting, I aim to get dressed once for the whole days activities. So I consider small details like bell sleeves for example; this style is beautiful and dreamy but you can’t wash dishes with bell sleeves on and cooking could be a fire hazard but a billowy sleeve that gathers at the wrist, that can service my day in style. This is how I look at fashion and this is how I put together the ideas for this collection. Lace and Charm nailed my vision and I am so excited for you all to see these pieces and experience them for yourselves. Each item is special and wearable!

Over the next few weeks, I am going to share how I style the pieces in a variety of ways so make sure you are following me on Instagram for some fun try on, style inspiration Insta Stories. I think switching out shoes can even take a look from everyday to date night. I also think accessories are such a fun way to put your own spin on an item. Fashion is fun! It is self expression, it can make a first impression and I think it can brighten my mood and those around me when I wear what makes me feel good.

I normally say “look good feel good” but I think I need to switch it to “feel good look good”.

The other cool component to this collaboration was that I got to name the items. Each piece is named after a woman in my life who has influenced me in a big important way.

Click on the product names to check out the website for more product pictures. You can shop Lace and Charm from their website or in store at River Bank & Co.

Make sure to be following myself and Lace and Charm on Instagram as we will be doing an exciting contest next week.

Comment below or on Instagram which item is your favourite. Mine is the Lizzy dress!!!!

Photo Credit L.B. Imagery

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