May 2019 Amazon Favourites


Fashion barrettes have been popping up on my Instagram feed for a few months now and I loved to the look. I found these on Amazon and have been having so much fun playing around with them. I have even started to wear a few at a time. Spray in some dry shampoo, slide in your clips and boom you are ready for the day.

Leather Earrings

I love leather earrings because they are so light weight. My earring holes are starting to sag a little but these little pieces never pull on them.

Leap Pad Ultimate


We have purchased the LeapPad Ultimate for both kids but I ordered the green one online because they did not have it in stock at our Toys R Us. The kids love this tech toy but I do have to monitor their time on it and sometimes the battles to turn them off is not worth the quiet time while they are using it. I am on the fence with this toy to be honest, great for car rides and stuff like that but not sure how I feel about regular use at home.


Bentgo Lunchbox
I love these lunch boxes! I purchased a blue and green one at the end of last summer. I love the variety it encourages me to pack for Luke’s lunch and that there is less waste when we use it. A great option for a young child’s lunch.