Superstore vs Walmart Online Grocery Service

Superstore vs Walmart Online Grocery Service

First let me start by saying, I AM A SHOPPER, I shop everywhere and no matter online or in person, I love shopping. I have been utilizing Walmart's Online Grocery Service and In Store Pick up service and sharing my experience on Instagram. One of my friends asked me what the difference between the Walmart service and Superstore service was and I wasn't sure so I ordered some grocery and home items from the Superstore so that I could compare the two services and share the differences with you. Here is what I learned from my two experiences about the services and a little about my shopping approach with these two stores.

I normally shop in store at both Walmart and the Real Canadian Superstore. I love to shop at Walmart on weeks when I need groceries but also have a few random items I need for my home. I love shopping at the Real Canadian Superstore because I love collecting points, the produce is always fresh and I love to check out their home goods and Joe Fresh items while I am in store.

Walmart Online Grocery Service and In Store Pick Up

The app is easy to use, I can shop by category or by the sale section first.

I can save items to my favourites list so they are easy to add to my cart each week.

I can also add items to my cart throughout the week as I run out of them at home and they are saved in my cart.

You must have a minimum $50 order to place an online grocery order for in store pick up.

You pay for your order in full when you complete your oder online.

I have been able to place my order with with my Debit Visa Card.

When placing my order, I can select a time for pick up at a time of my choice with a one hour window.

When picking up my groceries I make a phone call when getting to the pick up area and my groceries are brought to my car in less than 5 minutes.

My grocery attendant informs me of any changes that were made to my order first before unloading my items to ensure I am ok with the changes and any upgrades that were made did not cost me any additional money but were absorbed by Walmart.

I have used this service three times in Sarnia, had three different employees serve me and everyone offered excellent customer service.

Real Canadian Superstore Click and Collect

The app is easy to use, I can shop by category or by the sale section first.

I can save items to my favourites list so they are easy to add to my cart next week.

When placing my order I input my payment information and choose a pick up time and then have 24 hours to adjust my order if needed.

My card is not charged until my order is completed and delivered to my car.

This system could not process my Debit Visa Card.

This system preauthorizes above the cost of your actual grocery order in case of upgrades that may be made and then changes you the exact amount of your oder based on adjustments made to your final order.

The cost of the online grocery services is $3 with a $30 minimum to place your order.

When I called the store to have my order delivered to me the adjustments were mentioned and the grocery attendant went into the store to find the adjustment items I approved.

We waited in the car for about 10 minutes for our order to be completed.

The grocery attendant was a little flustered.

We had to process two payments by debit at my car as items were missed in the first payment I made.

In general, this service definitely saves me time, what is normally a full morning activity for me and the kids is now a quick stop freeing up the rest of our morning for playing at the park. I also love the service in general because it saves me money. When I order online I don't browse, I fill my order based on exactly what I need and then place it. I will still be an in store shopper at the Superstore because I truly love that in store shopping experience and so do my kids. I have been really impressed with the Walmart Online Grocery Service so I think I will continue my online orders with them.

I would love to know your thoughts on the service in general and the experiences you have had with the two stores. Please share.