St. Tropez Tanning Essentials Review

St. Tropez Tanning Essentials Review

I was so grateful to receive a PR package of St. Tropez Tanning Essentials to try and share. I have not done a ton of self tanning in the last few years but these products have dramatically changed my at home beauty routine to always include a healthy dose of tanning. After one application my tan was extremely noticeable in a good way, it really gives you the look of a real vacation tan. I used the mousse first and one thing I noticed right away was the green undertone of the product. Green is what we want in our self tanners as it ensures we will not look like oranges.  I used the mitt that had been provided and applied the mousse like I would apply body lotion, rubbing it in. I waited a few minutes, put my PJ's on and went to bed. Does anyone else feel extra excited for the morning when they know they will be waking up to a fresh tan? After just one application I was getting tons of compliments on my tan.

I currently apply the mousse about once a week. I exfoliate my skin with a loofa every night in the shower, I do an extra good job on the nights I am going to be applying my self tanner. I like to use the mist in between my weekly mousse applications for days when I will be taking photos or have a special event, to amplify my tan quickly and easily. I apply the face primer daily before applying my foundation to help my face match the rest of my body. I exfoliate and mask my face regularly and lose that tan quickly so the daily primer is a genius product.

I love that these products are easy to apply and give excellent beautiful results. Once and awhile I do notice a little colour coming off on my bras but other than that, there is not much product transfer in my experience. These are a higher price beauty item but they last a long time and the quality is great! I am hoping to stay bronzed all through the winter this year!

Have you guys tried these products? What are your thoughts? If not, check them out at the links below.
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