St. Tropez Self Tan Mousse

How To & Review


I have been using St. Tropez self tanning products for about a year now and have had an opportunity to try a variety of their self tanning products; the mist, 10 min tan cream, enhancing lotion but my favourite is the Self Tan Mousse in Classic. 

The mousse is my favourite because it gives me the best tanning results. With this overnight self tanner I can achieve an awesome dark tan that lasts anywhere from 5 to 7 days. This self tanner is formulated with a green undertone which gives me a nice golden brown tan like I was actually on vacation. It applies evenly like a cream and it’s easy to see where I have already smoothed it into my skin, making it easy to achieve an even tan. It has a tiny bit of that self tan smell and does transfer a little onto light coloured pjs but I try to wear baggy, dark pjs on nights I am sleeping with my tanner on.  

Self tanner is one of my favourite at home beauty treatments to do. For me it’s a quick pick me up, especially this time of year when I am showing more skin in my summer clothes. Here is my self tan process below. You can shop my favourite St. Tropez self tanner from Caryl Baker Visage in the Lambton Mall. 

 1. Shower

2. Shave

3. Exfoliate with a loofa or body scrub

4. Exfoliate your face with a scrub

5. Towel dry your skin

6. Apply self tanner with the St. Tropez Mitt in circular motions just like you would apply your body cream

7. Wait 5-10 minutes before putting on loose fitting pjs

8. Rinse in the morning and enjoy your beautiful tan

Note, avoid applying any creams or deodorants after your self tanner, for best results just wear the self tanner until you rinse it off.

Do you have any tips for applying your favourite self tanner, please share below. Or if you have any questions about self tanning please feel free to leave them below as well.

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