Play At YMCA

I am all about getting out of the house with with the kids all year round. We have been going for plenty of nature walks and enjoying our favourite activities at the YMCA. I am always sharing our daily adventures on my Insta Stories and often get questions about some of the fun things we take part in at the YMCA in Sarnia.

You can find a full schedule of all the events and activities on the YMCA Sarnia Lambton website here.

I have loved swimming with my children since Luke was just 3 months old. I am fortunate to be home with the kids during the week so we often go to week day Parent & Tot swims. The YMCA has an open swim time or Parent & Tot swim almost everyday of the week. I love the exercise this activity offers everyone in our family, its fun and most of all it builds confidence in the water. I have seen how swimming through the winter in a pool has grown my children’s confidence in the water preparing them for so much fun, on the beach through the summer.

On Saturday mornings we love to attend the Play Zone from 9am-11:30am. There is a bouncy castle and slide, balls, hockeys sticks and nets and mats to climb and jump onto. This activity is a great way to start the weekend off with some fun. I always find when we start our days being more active, everyone can focus better on cozy afternoon activities like playdoh and LEGO.

I would love to know what your family enjoys this time of year? If you are a YMCA member, what are your favourite activities to take part in?