Amazon Fashion | Rainbery Earrings

I have been wearing these faux leather earrings from Amazon for a few weeks now and am loving how they compliment so many of my outfits. I have been getting lots of lovely compliments on them while out and about so I have actually given a few pairs away to my family members who loved them. They were very affordable so I can order more. They come in packs of two and I really wanted the black and white pairs so that is what I ended up keeping for myself. What makes these earrings so perfect for me is how lightweight they are. My pierced holes are starting to stretch so if I wear something too heavy that becomes very noticeable. With leather and faux leather earrings, I can get the drama of size and also feel very comfortable wearing them all day. I have linked both packages I purchased if you would like to order them for yourself. They arrived at my home within a few days of placing my order. When you shop from the links on my website you are supporting my work so thank you so much if you choose to do so.

Happy weekend styling friends!