April Editors Note

Perfection does not exist in my world, if I wait for it to take my next steps I won’t move anywhere. Striving to live with purpose everyday requires me to move forward through imperfection and discomfort. God is teaching me, that living out what I was called to do isn’t always about getting to a goal or a next level of success, it’s about the walk. And, the real lessons on this walk are learned in the extreme imperfection. The imperfection of myself, the people I love and work with and the world I live in.  


Jesus is the only perfect one and I will never be like Jesus. I want to know Jesus and try to be like Him but you know what, everyone Jesus loved while He walked on this earth was imperfect and Jesus endured very imperfect circumstances but with the help, love, plan of the Father, Jesus carried out His purpose.  


This gives me so much hope! I know that with God in my imperfect life I can still live out my purpose. I believe God walks us through seasons to grow us and help us produce good fruit for His kingdom no matter how imperfect we are. I don’t want to allow my imperfections to stop me in my tracks. Inspite of my imperfection and because of Gods perfection, I will press on with purpose.

Happy April