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Point Pelee Adventure Day

Heather LapierComment
Point Pelee Adventure Day

I have been thinking about a day trip to Point Pelee, last week we experienced it and it was so cool!


It was about a 1.5 hour drive to the Point Pelee National park, the kids got a bit restless by the time we got there but the drive was pretty good. I always love car rides for summer trips, it’s part of the fun, the conversations, snacks and scenery are all part of the memories.

When we arrived we drove through the park to the visitor station where we then boarded the shuttle that takes you to a path you can walk down to the very tip. It was about a 15 ish minute walk from the shuttle drop off to the tip. A portion of the path is in the trees and is like a boardwalk style which you could push a stroller on but the last bit of the point is a beach.


We hopped off the trail as soon as we saw the beach and took our shoes off to walk in the water. The black flies were out and biting so being in the water helped to avoid them a little. We took our time walking in the water down to the tip, collecting rocks and looking for beach glass. My mom only found one piece of beach glass our whole walk. The boys collected so many rocks, I tried to encourage them to trow them in the water and make wishes but they really wanted to keep them. I told them I was not going to carry their rocks for them but eventually I ended up with them in my backpack as they snuck them in during a snack break.


When we got to the tip I was so amazed by the way the two currents meet as waves collide. I was also imaging how the tip must change from year to year as the water levels change. We were informed during our shuttle ride, that swimming off the tip is very dangerous because of the two currents. Our crew does love to swim so when we were done our hike we drove to one of the beaches in the park for an awesome swim.

It was a great day, I am grateful to live in beautiful Ontario and I highly reccomend this day trip for your summertime adventures.