August 26th - 28th Weekend

My honey suggested a date night and took me to the river for a picnic

Wine, salad, bread, dip and cheese
Bike ride to the river
Rush because we don’t want to miss the sun set
Captured a few memories in my mind and on the camera
Good food, good conversation, good company with my man and my Charlie
Laughed at Charlie, chatted about life and took in some nature
Bike ride home, and drinks with brother and sister
Saturday morning up with the sun
Run with Karli and Charlie
Got caught up on what's going on in my friend’s life
Decided I need to ask more questions and talk less about myself
Wine bottling with my fiancé for our wedding
Bottled wine, tasted wine, picked out labels, made a memory
Got a little drunk in the am
Lunch at Hana with the girls
Wasted the rest of the day on the dock with more girls
Great conversation
Enjoyed learning about people who I didn't know very well and hearing their stories
Felt proud to be a woman
Late night bike ride
Church on Sunday
Opened windows, let in a breeze, felt Fall, got excited
Sunday night dinner with friends
Great conversation, great food, great company
Felt blessed