Weekend Review September 2nd - 5th

Friday night I stopped on my way home to take in some art 


Workout, sweat, unwind, stretch 

Late night walk with a friend

Sweat some more

Wrote down some goals and reasons why I do what I do

Enjoyed being alone at the end of the night

Saturday morning farmers market

Got some different food, got inspired, planned a dinner party

Purchased gifts for bridesmaids

Got so excited 


Dinner with friends

Planned to attend an Island Dance but the storm crushed our dreams

Girl talk in the garage

Lazy Sunday morning

Walk the dog with a friend

French fries

Grandma Lil's 90th Birthday


Dig through old pictures

Played with kids, thought about having kids

Got excited to have my own family

Felt blessed to be a part of a wonderful family

Laughs, dances, kisses, hugs, love, farewells till next time

Monday sleep in





Fort in the living room

Reality TV fest 

Chit chat about wedding with honey

Got excited 

Lost 3 hours of sleep because of wedding excitement

Rough night 

Great weekend