What if God was one of us?

There is this man that walks from Corunna to Sarnia on a regular basis.  I first noticed this man over a year ago, I would see him in similar places at the same time of day.

I wondered for a long time why he walks and why he walks so far.  And for some reason, every time I saw him I would feel sad.  I thought that maybe he was lonely, I knew nothing about him but I felt sad for him.  

Sometimes I wonder if he recognizes me like I recognize him when I pass him on the road.

One day about a year ago I saw the man walking with a beautiful border collie, this made me a little more happy for the man because he has a walking partner.  I am sure the dog loves the exercise and he has a companion.  

I still wondered about the man, I left like he had a very special story.  I have passed this man on foot a few times when I have been out for a fun and have been tempted to ask him about his life, but I never do it.

One night I asked Tyler if he has seen the man and if he knows anything about him.  He told me the man was in an accident and was told it would be very difficult for him to walk again.  When he healed and could walk I guess he decided he would never stop.

For me, this story is a little too simple and every time I pass him on the road I still want to know about him.  One thing I do always think when I see him is "What if God was one of us?"

I know it sounds crazy but if God was one of us would we recognize him and would we accept his form?  I am undecided if I actually think God lives in Corunna and walks all over Lambton County with his dog but I can't help but wonder.

Welcome to my imagination.