Weekend Review September 9th - 11th

Stressed at work

De stress with lunch by the water

Enjoy being quiet 

Friday was such a long day at work - so excited for my first bridal shower

Leave work early to get dolled up Sex and The City style

Spend a little quality time with two wonderful women

Give a gift

Sip a strong drink

Greetings and hugs 

Chit chat 


Try to take it all in and make a moment 

Sip my second drink, it doesn't taste as strong as the first

Open gifts 

Feel blessed 

Make a moment 

Feel special 

Appreciate my aunt 

Chit chat, more drinks, late night rescue from my prince in the big red truck

Fuzzy Saturday morning 

Get geared up for shower #2

Tea Party


Sandwiches without crust

Chit chat with ladies

Judge a paper towel dress contest

Indulge in too many desserts

Kisses, hugs and gifts 

Memories made in the blink of an eye

Indulge in blue shoes (I could be Elvis's wife)

Beach it with the girls

Get silly 

Movie night on the couch

Lazy Sunday morning


Relax and regroup for a new week

Feel happy for the week I had but sad that it is over

Amazing memories made