Meet Audrey

Hi,  I'm Heather Audrey.  I am a young women in my mid twenties with a lot of exciting things going on in my life right now.  I am getting married in two and half months, I have an amazing job that presents exciting opportunities everyday and an pretty eventful social life.

Recently I have noticed that I have been spending a lot of time inside my head thinking about what I should or shouldn't do, regretting something I said, regretting my past and feeling like past experiences or lack there of, are holding me back from things in my future.

I am so happy with my life and excited about tomorrow, but I am struggling with my thoughts.  I am even beginning to think "wow you shouldn't be thinking like this.

Ok, so now you know I am officially crazy but the point of this ramble is that while I wait to see a Therapist and unleash my craziness on them, I am going to share it with you. 

This blog is a place where I plan to share the thoughts inside my head in hopes that it will offer me some release from myself (or as I like to call her, Audrey)

I believe its in our nature to want to share our story with others and to be herd.  Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the thoughts I want to share with others and I feel it will overwhelm them as well, so I keep it inside.  I have learned from my past experiences that keeping certain thoughts inside is not healthy and they can only stay bottled for so long.  They want to be released and sometimes they can emerge in a very ugly way.

From now on I am going to share my story, even if its scary at times. 

Until next time…..