August 5th - 7th Weekend

Friday afternoon wedding registry at an awesome art store

Bumped into a friend at the store, exchanged small talk

Friday night boat ride with our favourite neighbours

Island chill, cold drinks, chips, music and a little bit of silly

Remembered that being on the water at night is so magical, took a snapshot in my mind


Saturday morning at the Farmers Market

Got inspired by food, people and flowers

Got excited

Got coffee

Did a friends makeup for an acting gig

Chit chat

Errands, rushing prep for Kay and Andy's wedding

Saw love, felt love, gave love

Celebrated, ate, enjoyed, laughed, cried, drank, danced

Late night bonfire on the beach with my two favourite guys, my fiance and dog

Enjoyed sounds and smells of the beach

Remembered moments from childhood

Sunday morning tea and toast with mom and dad

Stressed about wedding

Great acoustic music on our drive home to Corunna


Chores, purging stuff, tea, little bit of work

Time to get ready for another week and bank a bunch more memories of an excellent summertime weekend!