Time Changes Everything

Just like in any relationship, time will change things.  In the last five years I have particularly noticed how this is effecting my friendships.  I have always been a creature with a few very close girlfriends, probably no more than 5.  These are the girls I can call at any time of day with a joy or tears and they will listen and care.  

When I think back on the last 10 years I notice that I have almost gone through stages of my life with certain girls.  Then something happens and that friendship transitions into something it wasn't and a new person enters my life to take me through another phase.  Am I a bad friend?

My oldest best friend (I say this because I have a best friend that I have met in my adult life) and I are currently going through some different things in our lives.  In some areas of our lives we are experiencing complete opposite situations and in others we are at the same place.  We have also recently expressed different opinions about specific values, does this mean we are no longer compatible?  That thought breaks my heart, can't we believe different things but still love and respect each other?  I would hope so.

My fear is that, like past friendships that have changed because of a shift in either mine or my friends phase of life - that our friendship is headed for a shift.

I love this friend unlike I have loved any other friend, which is why it is a fear.  Maybe because I am conscious of past changed friendships, we will be able to push past the diversity and grow our friendship into something even stronger.

This whole cycle could just be me.  Maybe I push people away when they don't agree with what I believe.

I will keep you posted.