Bachelorette Party

A few weeks ago I had my bachelorette party.  Meghan and Karli planned a wine tour for 15 girlfriends and a wild night in Niagara Falls.  I was so excited about this weekend because I have always wanted to do a wine tour and I love to spend time with the girls.

In addition to my excitement I was also a little nervous.  A few weeks prior I went to Toronto for Kayleigh's bachelorette party and was so excited and was not feeling the same kind of excitement for my own bachelorette.  I think my apprehension was based on the fact that I would be the centre of attention and the reason everyone travelled.  I just wanted to make sure everyone had fun.  

I was also a little nervous because I essentially have two different groups of friends - my Camlachie girl friends (who I have known since I was in grades school) and my Corunna girlfriends who I know through Tyler.  I love them both and feel blessed to have so many wonderful women in my life, I just wanted everyone to have fun and get to know each other.

Once we arrived in Niagara Falls and checked into our room, we got a ride to the start of our bike tour.  The weather was perfect for a bike ride and our setting could not be more beautiful.  We stopped at a perfect little market for lunch and a few swigs of wine from the bottle Karli brought and then we were off to our first winery.

Each winery was beautiful and unique in its own way and it made me want to purchase a winery and move to the niagara region (wouldn't that be romantic?).  We all also decided that this trip was very romantic and we should probably do this again next year but bring our handsome men.

At one of the wineries we decided to stop and relax for a little bit so we bought a few bottles of wine and sat in the vineyard.  We chatted and took in the beautiful surroundings and enjoyed each others company.  As we were all chatting and bonding I took in a little snap shot in my mind and thought to myself "how blessed am I to have such great friends?".  Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve this.  I need my girlfriends so much, I think all women need a good female support group and I have a huge one!

The wine tour finished with everyone feeling a little loose.  We went back to the hotel and got dolled up for a night on the town.  Our evening was filled with drinks, dancing and a few crazy situations (which will stay between me, Niagara Falls and the girls on the trip).

All in all, it was an amazing bachelorette and more than I could have imagined.  Thank you to my wonderful friends you have made my journey to the isle truly special.