I Tied The Knot

A little over a week ago I married Tyler Lapier (the love of my life), we became husband and wife, my last name changed from Brown to Lapier, I got some awesome new family members, my family became part of a new family, Tyler and I began a new family husband and wife and I made the most wonderful memories of my life.

I cherished each moment of the day, tried not to stress the few minor details that did not go as planned and spent time making moments with my new husband.  I am proud to say I did just that and I actually think I had more fun than I expected (the wine helped a little).

I enjoyed our wedding ceremony despite my intense nervousness, I played Next Top Model (with my hot model husband) while taking photos during the day and danced with my guests until the DJ left the building.

Now I am married!  So whats next?  Well, the number one thing on my "To Do" list is writing my thank you cards.  Our special day would not have been what it was without our amazing family and friends.  We had so much help with all the elements of the wedding day but the most memorable thing is the support and love Tyler and I have been showered with throughout the entire wedding process.  The memories that have been made over the last six months, I will hold dearly in my heart forever and would not have changed a thing.  

After the thank you cards, are kids in the future, travel, home renovations (I think these are never ending) or how about concurring the world with my company?  I say yes to all of the above but maybe not in that order.  At this exact moment I am going to just enjoy where I am, in love and loving life.

I am sure my next adventure is right around the corner, I always have my eyes and ears open and I am ready and willing.