Why I Get Out Of Bed

I have been away from the office for two weeks.  This is my first vacation away from this particular job and my first two week vacation.

I was really looking forward to unwinding, getting married (this was the main reason for vacation) and getting back to basics.  I find myself sometimes getting caught up in my own little world and I was defiantly getting to the point where I needed to step back, take a deep breath and remember what is really important to me - the 4 F's (family, friends, food, fitness).  The other is creativity but all four of those F's inspire me in different ways and often give me ideas for my career.  

So the first week off was hectic as I was tying up any last minute loose ends for the wedding (being a procrastinator there were a lot) but I got them all done.

The second week was perfect, and I got to do all the things I love.  I feel refreshed and I am looking forward to going back to work now with new ideas, perspective and motivation.

A wise woman once asked me "Why do you get out of bed in the morning and do the work you do?"  I responded with "I love my job" which is true.  She continued by saying " On the mornings that you don't like your job, why do you get out of bed and do the work you do?"

At first I wanted to say money, which is also true because we all have bills to pay but after money, I was finding it difficult to come up with an answer.  I spent some time thinking about this question over the next few days and I thought I new the answer.  My time off over the last few weeks solidified my answer.  

I want to work so I can have TIME with the people I love and be able to share RESOURCES with them.  I want to be ACTIVE so I can live a long life and do all the things I want and need to do and I want to FEED people.  Those are the things that make me happy and the reason I do what I do.

I don't have children yet but I hope to be blessed with a family someday and those dreams also motivate me to get out of bed and do the best and be the best I can.  Cheesy, yes, but when I am having a rough day I need to keep these reasons and goals in the front of my mind.

One other quick note.  I learned over my vacation to listen to my body a little more closely than I normally do.  If I feel like I need a nap, its time to take a nap.