A Little Inspiration

Last weekend I attended my youngest sister Emily's dance recital.  She has been attending George Brown for the last year and is finishing her performing dance program this month.

Her show was better than I expected, there was not only dancing but also signing and acting, it was very entertaining.

Any sort of live performance normally inspires me and provokes my thoughts.  Sometimes I get lost in the characters, story, music movement or even thinking about the actual performers and what they are like off stage.  All in all, I find live performance inspiring.

Watching my sister perform was an even more inspiring moment.  She is technically a very good dancer but when she really shines are the moments in which she looses herself in the dance, movement, music or emotion.  She allows herself to go somewhere, a free place where all she needs to ever do is move.  

This is inspiring because we all have the capacity to throw ourselves into something we are passionate about and loose our reservations or negative thoughts.

I hope she holds on to those fleeting moments and allows them to drive her towards success.

My passion has changed over the years and I am working on narrowing my focus so I can let go of my own reservations.  

Following passion is not an easy path to take, the easy path is to take what is handed to you.  Sometimes living your life with passion is difficult because you need to challenge something that is out of the ordinary or try multiple times, its hard work. 

I know that if I live my life with deliberate actions, set goals to meet and allow myself to let go, I will be great.  Thanks for the inspiration Em!