Getting in the Spirit

I have been shamelessly listening to Christmas music in my car for the last two weeks.  Well maybe I have a little shame as I have been doing it secretly in my car for the last two weeks.  

I don't have to hide my joy and excitement for the season any longer because Christmas is only a few weeks away and its time to start throwing around those Merry Christmas's.

What have I been doing to get in the spirit?  Heres what:
Listening to my fav Christmas tunes

Wearing red lipstick and a little more glitter than usual (funny story about by glitter I will share later)

Decorating my home

Getting a real Christmas tree instead of our fake one

Drinking eggnog (with a splash of rum of course)

Hunting for the perfect gifts

Reflecting on how blessed I am to be surrounded by so much family and love this time of year

Planning my Christmas dinner (yuppers, I am cooking Christmas turkey for the Browns this Christmas and I am so excited)

Making plans for get togethers over the Christmas holiday

Watching Home Alone and planning to watch more of my favourite Christmas movies i.e. The Family Stone

Saying Merry Christmas

Giving to those who are in need

I am sure there will be more Christmas cheer over the next two weeks which I plan to share.  I am so looking forward to all the dinners and parties with friends and family and just hanging around the house in my cozies with my husband and my dog.

It really is the most wonderful time of the year!