New Traditions

Tyler and I have been together for over six years now and this Christmas was our sixth as a couple.  We always have an amazing Christmas together, wonderful time with our families and special moments just for the two of us.

This Christmas was the first one we celebrated as a married couple.  Now that we are officially together forever it felt fitting that we did a few things differently and hopefully one of them will stick and begin our Christmas traditions as the Lapier's.

For starters we purchased our first real Christmas tree.  Tyler picked out a very nice tree without me and least expensive tree stand he could find.  We decorated the Christmas tree together (by together I mean I decorated the Christmas tree while Tyler changed the outlet sockets in the living room).  He felt there was no more procrastinating this task as we would be plugging in a huge fire hazard and he should ensure they are safe.  It was lucky Tyler was in the living room though because about half way through decorating, the tree tipped over completely but Tyler caught it.  (I think purchasing a tree stand with a little more girth next time and maybe even a little higher cost will, be the way we go.)

On Christmas Eve we went to church.  I have been attending the Corunna United Church for about two years now and this is the church we were married in but Tyler doesn't come with me on Sundays.  Christmas Eve is my favourite part of Christmas and I thought it was perfect to spend it in Church with Tyler, my Mother in Law and my Brother in Law Keegan.

We woke up on Christmas morning in our own little home and exchanged gifts just the two of us.  Its so nice to have alone time especially on special moments when we can give each other something meaningful.  (I guess we were not completely alone because our fur baby Charlie was with us.)  It is so fun to watch Carlie open gifts, he knows exactly what to do.

So out of all the craziness of the Holiday season we have managed to create a few special moments for the Lapier's and hopefully, we can build on these next year and years to come as our family grows.