I was chatting with my sister today and she told me it was her day off and she was a little board just hanging at the library by herself. I quickly responded by saying that slow time just for you is important. I think we need to also give ourselves time to get to know a little more about who we are. I especially think this for Emily because of the age she is at.

Talking a dose of my own medicine I decided to squeeze in a run after work before a meeting. This is not only good for my body but also my mind. I had time to think through things, get a little creative and even feel proud for what I accomplished.

Another way I like to spend time with me is cooking really delicious food. This took me some time to wrap my head around, I just thought if I am cooking for one it's not worth making a big meal. But then I decided I am worth it. So if I feel like a full meal, then that's what I cook. Anyways, that's just a detail, the point is if I don't know me and treat my special, who will?