Meet Charlie

Hi, I am Charlie.  I am the fur baby of Tyler and Heather Lapier.  I know this is my mom's blog but ever since she started it, I have been asking her to let me write something.  It's not very often that I get what I want or get to say my piece for that matter so I was so excited when mom said I could write something for her blog.  I have never blogged before so I thought I would just start by telling you a little about my daily life.

I live a pretty normal life with a regular routine.  I wake mom and dad up in the morning by jumping into bed with them and snuggling in for a few minutes.  Then I let them know that I need to pee and we all crawl out of bed.  Once mom and dad are done banging around in the kitchen and head off to wherever they go during the day (they always talk about this place called "work") I curl up on the couch and head back to sleep until the living room gets bright with light. 

In the afternoons I like to wake up and hunt for my food.  My parents leave me a pile of food in a bowl in the kitchen but its always the same flavour and some times I just don't want to eat the same thing for breakfast lunch and dinner.  If I am lucky (which I normally am if mom leaves the house last) then there is a bag or garbage easily accessible to me in the kitchen.  I need to do a little jumping to get to it but I can normally grab it.  The garbage is so exciting because you never know what your going to get.  I love to rip it all out and spread it across the floor before I decide what I am going to eat first.  My favourite things to find in the garbage are bones, meat and bread.

After I am done having a snack I make a lap around the house to make sure the permitter is secure and then I take watch at the top of the couch in front of the window.   

In the evenings I take mom and dad out for walks and to the park to play.  Sometimes they prefer to snuggle on the couch so I just keep them warm.  Once in a while dad and I will play hide and go seek which is my favourite, mom calls this the "10:30 melt down".

So thats a little bit about my life.  Mom said I can start writing on a regular basis so I will be back with more stories soon.