I Want An Egg Hunt!

I had a great long Easter weekend this year!  I spent the whole weekend with my family.  This will probably be one of many blogs I write over the next fews months that have to do with family as I will be spending a lot of time with them.

I have three weddings this summer that are all on either mine, or Tyler's side of the family.  Weddings will also be something I will be posting about as I will be attending six in total this Spring/Summer season.  These events themselves and the events leading up to the weddings, will be providing me with lots of excuses to be with family.

Enough with my sidetrack, back to Easter.  There were a few things that were particularly great.  My little sister Emily was home from Toronto for the weekend so we got to visit and celebrate her birthday and I got to see my favourite little person (my niece Marley) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  She is my favourite, and Tyler's favorite too!

Holiday's are particularly awesome now that she is in our lives because I now have an excuse to get excited about kid activities - like an Easter egg hunt!!!

On Thursday evening I went to the dollar store and stocked up on coloured eggs and chocolates. On  Friday I hid them in my backyard for Marley to find.  She needed some assistance but once she found out there was delicious chocolate inside the eggs, she was loving the egg hunt.  

We repeated the egg hunt on Sunday at Grandma's as well and by the end of the weekend my 1 1/2 year old niece had a new word, egg.

I also got an egg hunt on Easter weekend.  My husband knows I am a big kid so he hid a few eggs for me around our living room.  I didn't realize they were in plain view until I got mad at him for eating my cream egg.  He replied by telling me he had hid them so I could have an Easter egg hunt.  I left the shiny coloured eggs in the living room for the whole weekend, looking at them made me so happy.

What is your favourite part about family gatherings?