I Get The Blues

Once in a while I get a little blue. When this grey could is hanging over me, I feel like small things are difficult.  Getting out of bed, thinking about what I will face in my day, checking a chore of my to do list, these are all impossible feets when I feel down.

I hate feeling like this because I am normally a very energetic person and have so many things in my life to be happy and excited about.  Even when I tell myself this, there is no stopping these emotions except to wait it out by hiding or push through it.  I often choose to push through it but sometimes feel this is ineffective.  I think I need to find the root of my sadness and not disregard it as if it doesn't exist.  I think I try to ignore its existence though because people may find it difficult to understand why I (happy go lucky, energetic, positive Heather) feel like being a negative Nancy every once in awhile. Which brings me to the really horrible part of my blues, that I feel very alone.

I decided to write about this in my blog for a few reasons.  The last few days have been difficult and I do have a hard time articulating these feelings to friends and family so I thought writing it out would be easier.  The second reason for sharing these feelings, is that I recently read a blog post by a young woman who shared a very personal story about herself and this made me realize that until now I have not shared all angels of myself.  If I am serious about my blog and letting people get to know me (which I am) this is a very real side of my personality and I should share it.  She inspired me to write about these feelings I have been suffering with over the past few days.

I feel alone when I have the blues and I wonder if others do when they have the blues.  Me sharing an experience may help someone to relate and not feel isolated. It's interesting that as soon as I write things down and get them out of my head, they begin to leave me alone.  I am feeling better already. I have to say that writing this blog has been a therapeutic experience for me at times.  

 Do you ever get the blues and what do you do to cure them?