Guest Blogger - Meghan aka My Best Friend

Over the past few months Meghan has been working towards a big move.  We have had many discussions about the pros and cons of this move and the risks that existed before she officially was accepted to school.  I asked Meghan to write about this experience so I could share it on my blog.  Meghan, thank you for always sharing your heart with me and now being a part of my blog.  I look forward to weekend getaways to Hamilton.

Its funny that its so easy to talk about experiences that you have, and things happening in your life-but then the moment you are asked to write down your thoughts it becomes harder then it sounds.

I recently made a big decision in my life-to go back to school…again. I have been in school twice (the first time for hospitality and tourism) and most recently to be an RPN. While completing my program-I realized that I had found my calling-to be a nurse. I love it so much that when I finished my 2 year program, I decided that I may want to go back for further education. The decision to go back to school meant that I would be leaving the only city I have ever really known.

The decision to go back to school itself was an easy one. I now know what I want to achieve in my career and am fully ready to pursue it. However it wasn’t all easy. This decision means leaving my family and friends behind.

As I have “grown up” I have realized that it gets harder and harder to make time to see the people that matter most to you-and the fact that I am now living 2 hours away from “home” doesn’t make it easier. I have also realized that relationships take work. Now that I am living in a new city, I need to remember to take time to call those I love. There is never a day that goes by that I don’t think of my family and friends, and it really does only take a minute to call and say hi.

I need to embrace this experience-take it all in. Enjoy it, work hard, and don’t forget who support me along the way. I was once feeling sadness and anxiety about relationships I have with people and how they may change when I don’t live so close. Now I am feeling excited about it. I have realized that being a good daughter, sister, or friend doesn’t mean talking to people on a day to day basis-its about enjoying every minute that you talk to them and get to spend with them.

Now I just get to look forward to different things-exploring a new city so that I can find all the best places to show everyone when they come to visit. I have only been living here for a week, and have already discovered so many awesome places! (Including a really good mall!) I am enjoying this time so much! Getting to spend time with my boyfriend, and organizing my new apartment-which I absolutely love.

I am looking forward to the next 3 years of my life to gain independence and follow my dreams-and I am going to embrace the ups and downs that may come with it.