An Unspoken Speech

I was nominated for a Customer Service award through The Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce a few months ago and the awards were handed out at a ceremony on Friday night.  

The nomination came as a complete surprise, it was a huge honour to just be nominated.  The nominations are anonymous but on Friday night I found out who nominated me.  I knew it was one of my clients who had probably nominated me but I wasn't sure which one.  It was of course one of my favourites, Colleen from Victim Services.  

Colleen is a very hard working woman herself and always putting others first.  For someone with her level of work ethics to nominate me for this award is even more of an honour.

Work has been crazy lately so I haven't given too much thought to the awards, just trying to figure out what I would ware.  On the way home from work on Friday in my car at 4pm I decided I should probably have something little prepared in terms of a speech, just in case I do win.

I did not win.  So what I did want to say is this: I work with amazing people.  People who are passionate about what they do, intelligent and creative.  Because of their willingness and ability to share their knowledge with me, we (CCI Studios) have the ability to provide our clients with unique marketing solutions.

Our clients also live their lives with great levels of passion.  The fact that they are willing to let us be a part of their organizations and businesses (endeavours of which I am sure they have poured time, tears and sweat into) is a huge honour.  Our clients are amazing people, they are the reason we can come to work everyday and keep our doors open, so thank you to them.

The award evening was great.  My date (my husband) was handsome, charming and so supportive.  When I was nervous at the beginning of the night he made me laugh and at the end after not winning, he let me know how proud he was of me anyways.

The entertainment was fabulous!  A Beatles tribute band played all the favourites so we were able to sign along.

My boss took home the award for Citizen of the Year!!!  Pretty amazing.  He is so deserving of this award, all of his efforts have others best interest in mind and he works tirelessly every day to make our community a better place.

All in all it was an adrenaline filled evening.  I am so proud to be a member of CCI Studios and Friday night was a night for our entire team to be proud.  

I am glad I have this blog where I can share things I may not have an opportunity to otherwise.