How Do You Know When You Are Ready?

The question being asked of Tyler and I right now is "When are you two planning on having children?".  Prior to our wedding we briefly discussed starting a family and that we do want to be parents but we also love our lifestyle the way it is right now.

After being married, people are very curious to learn when and if we will begin our family.  We are not really sure how to field these questions because we ourselves don't know when we will be ready.  All these questions have caused a stream of conversations between Tyler and I about when and if, we will feel ready to start a family.

How do you know when you are ready to be parent?  It is an overwhelming thought to try and comprehend the responsibility of being a parent.  Sometimes I don't even feel like a responsible enough adult to care for my dog Charlie, let alone another human being.  

Recently I have found myself in certain situations or tasks thinking "ok, how would a child fit into this equation?" like when Tyler and I rushing around in the morning to go to work. Or, on a day like today where I am sitting in my PJ's at 12:00pm and have been doing nothing but surfing the net, watching reality TV and drinking coffee all morning.  (Yes I am having a lazy day and I need these every once in while.)

Tyler and I are surrounded by loving family and friends, some of which who are amazing parents with really cool kids.  Being with them makes having a family look easy and desirable but we know there is a lot of work that also goes into raising children.

I am hoping that something will click inside me, a maternal instinct that is ready to be fulfilled, letting me know we are ready to start a family.  Until then, we will continue to talk with each other and our friends and family, seeking advice and listing to experiences, enjoying our marriage and this period of our lives.

If anyone has felt this way or is feeling this way, I would love to hear from you.